General Pricing Policy

RMI-SC reserves the right to change/revise pricing on any product, at any time before a Purchase Order is received. All Purchase Orders are subject to acceptance from RMI-SC. RMI-SC will invoice all pricing on Purchase Orders approved by RMI-SC.



A 50% deposit of the total project is required of every project. No product is ordered or
fabricated with the accepted Purchase Order, until the deposit is received. The balance due will be
decided on a per customer basis. All checks need to be mailed to RMI-SC P O Box 2124 Greer, SC 29652. Credit Cards, ACH payments and bank transfers are accepted. There is a 2% fee for Credit Card payments to be processed.


Purchase Orders

All Purchase Orders must be submitted via email to or faxed to
(864)334-4545. All requested orders, must be submitted as a written Purchase Order. If any corrections are made, a new Purchase Order must be submitted. If a Purchase Order is cancelled, a Cancelled Purchase Order document must be submitted.



All Purchase Orders that are Cancelled, must be approved by RMI-SC. The cancellation will be subject to a balance due, if unreturnable product has been ordered or if returnable product
incurs additional fees.



All orders are shipped FOB Greer, SC. 29651. Third Party freight may be used. All pick ups must be scheduled with the Logistics Department.



Freight is added to the end of every project, once fabricated, and weighed. Because all orders are custom, with different weights of each material, and type of fabrication, a freight estimate can only be Estimated at 5% to 8% of the total project.



Samples of custom prints are provided to the customer, at no charge. This service includes up to, 3 changes. Any further samples on the same sample after 3, will be provided at a cost of $10.00 per sample.



Returns are only allowed if defective, or if shipped by RMI-SC and product arrives damaged.
And shipment damages must be signed for on the Bill of Landing and reported to RMI-SC immediately. Any requested returns must be inspected and approved by RMI-SC or one of its representatives. No used bedding or drapery can be returned for any reason. Any unapproved alterations, or installations, completed by outside contractors, will not be the responsibility of RMI-SC.



RMI-SC is not responsible for any taxes that maybe due on products sold outside of the state of
South Carolina. This is the responsibility of the purchaser. If a project is sold “Agent Only”, or a “Direct Bill” to a property in South Carolina, the legal South Carolina state sales tax rate, will be added to the invoice.



RMI-SC is not responsible if products requested do not meet any brand specification. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to obtain waivers, or approvals is using non-specified products. If any brand changes their specification, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to provide the updated information to RMI-SC.


Field Measures

RMI-SC provides the service of a Field Premeasure, for a fee. The fee is determined based on the size, and location of the project. If a field premeasure is not purchased, RMI-SC will not be responsible if incorrect sizes are provided for fabrication. The purchase of a model room is highly suggested if a field premeasure is not purchased. A measurement sheet must be filled out completely for each room, and window type and size, for projects not receiving the premeasure service. If an installer arrives at a scheduled premeasure, and the property was not completely ready for measurement, the customer will be billed each time we have to go back to finish the measurement. A comped room is required for the installer coming to measure. If the room is not comped, the customer will be billed for the room required.


Model Room

Model Room products can be ordered using the specific fabric for each project, or by using “scrap” material. The cost of each model room will depend on which material is requested.



Install services are provided by RMI-SC. All installs must be coordinated with the Premeasure
and Install department of RMI-SC. Installs will be quoted at the request of the customer. Install prices are based on the size and location of the project. Depending on the project schedule, additional trips may be required to complete the project install. Each trip will be billed to the purchaser. A comped room will be required for the installer. If the room is not comped, the customer will be billed for the room required.


Roller Shades

Roller Shades installed must be operated properly to insure damages do not occur. This proper operation may be the use of the chain provided, or by a switch attached to the wall. RMI-SC is
not responsible for any damages when guest do not operate the shades as instructed. It is the
responsibility of the property to instruct each guest how to safely operate each shade. It will be the responsibility of the property to replace any hand-held remotes that are misplaced. A quote will be provided to you per project, based on quantity, location, and cost of hardware.


Custom Prints

All materials used in custom prints for windows and bedding, have been tested and passes NFPA 701 requirements. All materials, including custom prints are subject to a color variation in dye lots.



COM materials may be submitted for fabrication of projects. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to understand the direction of any pattern on the fabric and to order enough fabric to
fabrication the product correctly. Any fabric with a repeat, that requires a pattern match, adding one repeat per width is highly suggested. All COM materials both pattern and color must be listed on the Purchase Order to ensure proper receiving. All COM materials must be tagged with the property information on all shipments.